About Company

GWMWater has a responsibility to provide, manage, operate and protect water supply and sewerage systems for our community. Serving a region with a population of approximately 72,000 people, our activities cover some 62,000 km2 which is about 25% of the State of Victoria.


We provide our urban towns with a secure water supply, with most areas supplied drinking (potable) water that meets the specifications of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and the Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2015. In a ‘normal season’, this involves delivery of around 10 gigalitres of water to approximately 31,000 urban properties in 71 towns.


Our wastewater services operate mainly in our larger towns which involves recycling 100% of water for watering sporting fields, parks and gardens, vineyards and agricultural uses.


We provide domestic and stock water services to 11,000 rural customers. A bulk water supply is also available to our rural customers, typically for intensive agricultural activities such as poultry farms, piggeries and commercial feedlots.


We are responsible for water resource management in our region, which includes surface water, groundwater, river diversions, and the support of key regional catchment and environmental management strategies.


Our groundwater bores supply 15 towns in the south east, south west and west of the supply area. We issue diversion licences from unregulated waterways, licences for farm dams and groundwater extraction licences through delegation from the Minister of Water.


We are also the nominated the Resource Manager and Storage Manager on behalf of the Minister for Water and operate and control eight bulk water supply reservoirs which are an integral part of our water supply system. These reservoirs also provide opportunities for recreational activities such as camping, water skiing, swimming and boating.